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Aims and Objectives Of Indian Red Cross

Aims and Objectives as laid down in the Indian Red Cross Society Act - Act XV of 1920 as amended, which are reproduced here below :

The State Branch shall work for the realisation of these Aims and objectives for promoting such other purposes as may be consistent with the aims and objects of the State Branch and of the Indian Red Cross Society.

  • Aid to the sick and wounded members of the Armed Forces of the Union in accordance with the terms and spirit of the Geneva Conventions of 12th August, 1949 and discharge of other obligations devolving upon the society under the conventions as the recognised auxiliary of the Armed Forces medical services.
  • Aid to the demobilised sick and wounded members of the Armed Forces of the Union.
  • Maternity and Child Welfare.
  • Junior / Youth Red Cross.
  • Nursing and ambulance work.
  • Provision of relief for the mitigation of suffering caused by epidemics, earthquakes, famines, floods and other disasters, whether in India or outside and rehabilitation of victims.
  • The establishment and maintanance of peace among all nations in accordance with the decisions of the International Red Cross Organisation.
  • The representation of the society or at International or other Committees formed for furthering objects similar to those of the Society.
  • The improvement of health, prevention of diseases and mitigation of suffering and such other coagnate objects as may be approved by the Society from time to time. And such other allied activities.