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First Aid

First Aid has been practiced ever since the beginning of humanity. Learning First Aid is the civic responsibility of every citizen.Method of first aid have been practiced ever since one person desired to help another in sickness or after an injury. But an organized world-wide effort at recognizing the importance of first aid came only in year 1877 with the formation of St. John. Over the decades, the importance given to First Aid has grown.

What is First Aid?

First Aid is an immediate treatment given to the victim of an accident or sudden illness before medical help is obtained.

Aims of First Aid

The main aims of First Aid are:

  • To preserve Life
  • To promote recovery
  • To pevent the worsening of the victim's condition

Principles of First Aid?

  • The first step rescuer should take is to examine the victim to know the details of injuries and their nature. This constitutes the Diagnosis section of First Aid
  • The next step is to actually perform the First Aid measure pr manoeuvre that is deemed appropriate. This consititutes the Treatment section of First Aid
  • The third step is to arrange for the casuality to be seen by a qualified doctor or have him/her shifted to nearby hospital. This step is in First Aid providers jargon rather disparagingly as Disposal.

Rules of First Aid

  • Reach the accident spot quickly
  • Be calm, methodical and quick
  • Is there failure of breathing?
  • Is there severe bleeding?
  • Is the patient in shock and if so, is it mild or severe?

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