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Candidates holding Pink Certificates from Delhi Centre, who have not yet renewed them for the next level or facing problem in renewal in our online portal i.e. ircsfa.org, are advised to register their data alongwith a copy of the Pink Certificate before June 6, 2024 at our St John Ambulance - Golf Link Centre and after this deadline, no registrations of data for such pink certificates will be entertained.      Click View


Red Cross is an International voluntary organization functioning independently with the sole aim of rendering humanitarian services to the poor & needy and especially to the most vulnerable sections of the Community without discrimination of the colour, creed, religion, region of the beneficiaries. For meeting expenses, it accepts donations in cash and in kinds from the Philanthropists - Institutions & Individuals.

Membership subscription is the another source of income for the organization. Those who wish to join this noble organization may contact

Red Cross Bhavan,Golf Link, New Delhi-110003
Email:[email protected]
Contact No 011-43508575