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"Life is Precious"

First Aid has been practiced ever since the beginning of humanity. Learning First Aid is the civic responsibility of every citizen.Method of first aid have been practiced ever since one person desired to help another in sickness or after an injury. But an organized world-wide effort at recognizing the importance of first aid came only in year 1877 with the formation of St. John. Over the decades, the importance given to First Aid has grown.

CAB Of First Aid

CAB of First Aid which focuses critical life saving intervantion must be rendered before treatment of less serious injuries. CAB stands for Circulation,Airway and Breathing.

The First Aider is also likely to be trained in dealing with injuries such as cuts, grazes, broken bones, severe bleeding sprains etc. due to bomb blasts and other injuries in today's scenario.

What is Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation(CPR)?

  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) is life saving technique
  • CPR involves two elements: chest compressions combine with mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing.
  • What you as bystander actually should do in an emergency sittuation really depands on your knowledge and comfort level.
  • CPR can keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and other vital organs untill medical helps arrive.
  • Think ABC: Airway, Breathing and Circulation- to remember the steps for CPR.
  • AIRWAY: Clean the airway.
  • Breathing: Breathe for the person with mouth-to-mouth breathing or mouth-to-mouth breathing
  • CIRCULATION: Restore blood circulation With chest compression.